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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 12th vegan cooking escapades!

Hello everyone!

Next pop-up cooking expedition is happening tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th, at the corner of Water and George Street! We'll be serving a vegan cauliflower, potato chive soup around lunchtime (noon....hopefully, if we can get our act together). Chives are care of the Rabbittown Community Garden, where we will be gardening every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the summer. 

But yes, please join us outdoors and spend time with a quirky bunch of hoodlums who love cooking and eating vegan delicacies, and of course sharing them with everyone and anyone!

See you there!

~Harbourside Kitchen

Join us in throwing a gear into the corporate food system.

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  1. even the idea of this project is fulfilling... way to go harbourside kitchen!!!