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Monday, August 6, 2012

Free vegan lunch downtown—yes, free :)

Fellow food enthusiast (or just stumbler-upon this blog),

The Harbourside Kitchen crew will be cooking a delicious soup Tuesday Aug 7th from 1-3:30 in downtown St. John's at the corner of George and Water —it has become somewhat of a tradition and we never get in trouble for it, so we assume this is because we have become a part of the cultural attractions of downtown. With the caveat that everything we produce is freely given away. People seem to have a hard time understanding this. We get a lot of "Free? Is it really free? Why is it free? It's free? It's not free-free, is it?"

Yes, it's free. The cookies, the biscuits, the deliciously fresh, made-right-here soup, it's all for whoever is hungry and happens to be passing by and is not too suspicious of our presence.

The finished product. Nom.
So stop by and chat, or send us an email. We love answering our fan mail.

~Harbourside Kitchen

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