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Monday, November 26, 2012

You are all cordially invited to a Muskrat Falls Boil Up at Harbourside Park, Nov 27 @ 7 PM

Hello everyone!

We have been laying low waiting for the right moment to boil up a pot of something! The Muskrat Falls boil up on Nov 27th, organized by the People's Assembly NL, seems like the right catalyst! Please join us at 7 PM at Harbourside Park for some tea, jam jams, and a general discussion on what needs to happen next with the Muskrat Falls upswell of civic engagement — hopefully a large presence in the gallery of the House of Assembly during the filibuster.

~Harbourside Kitchen


Nov 27 was a global day of action
to raise awareness of BC resisters. More here.
Allies from across North America stood in solidarity.

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