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Thursday, April 26, 2012

May Day Potluck and general feasting!

Hi everyone!

The Harbourside Kitchen crew will be down to Harbourside Park on May 1st for May Day celebrations. The plan is to cook a vegan lunch (serving time set for approximately 12:30 ish) and then asking anyone interested to bring something down for a super supper potluck (for around 7 pm).

We will be cooking and providing vegan options, but the potluck is open to all varieties of food. We welcome people to identify their vegan-friendly options though! Remember to bring a tupperware container to minimize the garbage.

You can drop your food donations down at the Occupy encampment in Harbourside Park, or email us to arrange something. 

Help us to Occupy our Food Supply by subverting corporate food systems, and start more communal cooking and feasting. Hope to see you on May 1st :)

Cooking is a revolutionary act!

#M1GS -- Be there....and eat delicious food while you protest!

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