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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day adventures

Good day!

Harbourside Kitchen has been up to food-related mischief surrounding May Day feasting and potlucking. We also distributed the first issue of our zine (to be uploaded shortly), which had delicious recipes and an article by Joey on what we are trying to accomplish in terms of food sovereignty in our community.

So, for lunch we cooked Matt's Tomato Basil soup recipe....and had the adventure of trying to hand blend it...after remembering that we had no electricity, which the city cut off at Harbourside Park about 3 months ago now. But using our downtown connections, we managed to mix it offsite, and politicize our act of walking down Water Street with a full pot of soup (by holding offensive signs reading, "Share the Feast" and other such corporate-subverting obscenities). Upon our return to the Harbourside encampment, we all had a wonderful lunch indeed.

As our supper potluck contribution, we decided to cook (quadrupling the recipe in fact) Sweet potato and peanut stew, served over a bed of rice. After Erika managed to forget all the spices she had promised to bring down and the key ingredient of cooking oil (sorry!), Harbourside Kitchen went on another impromptu adventure offsite to hunt down such things as cinnamon, cumin, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper....and in the end found some sesame oil at the Variety shop down the road. In the end, all were fed and nothing exploded. Hurray!

Witness the success despite Erika's organizational pitfalls!

And the delight emanating from the potluck feasters!
Join us this Saturday at Harbourside Park for another delicious meal. We will try to choose the recipes in advance for next week (and not so much invented on the spot or two hours beforehand) so that people can help donate the ingredients if they feel like it. Cheers!

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