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Issue #3: We've come this far, we might as well stop!

Monday, November 26, 2012

You are all cordially invited to a Muskrat Falls Boil Up at Harbourside Park, Nov 27 @ 7 PM

Hello everyone!

We have been laying low waiting for the right moment to boil up a pot of something! The Muskrat Falls boil up on Nov 27th, organized by the People's Assembly NL, seems like the right catalyst! Please join us at 7 PM at Harbourside Park for some tea, jam jams, and a general discussion on what needs to happen next with the Muskrat Falls upswell of civic engagement — hopefully a large presence in the gallery of the House of Assembly during the filibuster.

~Harbourside Kitchen


Nov 27 was a global day of action
to raise awareness of BC resisters. More here.
Allies from across North America stood in solidarity.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Occupy NL's 1-year anniversary dinner

Hello everyone!

We'd like to invite you down to Harbourside Park tomorrow (Oct 14th) to celebrate OccupyNL's 1-year anniversary! We'll be cooking a delicious carrot and red lentil dahl for supper (join us around 6 o'clock—hopefully our plan will come to fruition by then!).

See you there!

~Harbourside Kitchen crew

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On temporary hiatus...

Hello everyone!

A few core members of the Harbourside Kitchen crew are off to another province for further schooling. We wish them all the best. Our outdoor cooking adventures have been postponed for the time being until we can regroup and figure out where to go from here. We will very likely be meeting soon to discuss such details and anyone interested in being part of whatever comes next, please get in touch with us!

~Harbourside Kitchen

Monday, August 6, 2012

Free vegan lunch downtown—yes, free :)

Fellow food enthusiast (or just stumbler-upon this blog),

The Harbourside Kitchen crew will be cooking a delicious soup Tuesday Aug 7th from 1-3:30 in downtown St. John's at the corner of George and Water —it has become somewhat of a tradition and we never get in trouble for it, so we assume this is because we have become a part of the cultural attractions of downtown. With the caveat that everything we produce is freely given away. People seem to have a hard time understanding this. We get a lot of "Free? Is it really free? Why is it free? It's free? It's not free-free, is it?"

Yes, it's free. The cookies, the biscuits, the deliciously fresh, made-right-here soup, it's all for whoever is hungry and happens to be passing by and is not too suspicious of our presence.

The finished product. Nom.
So stop by and chat, or send us an email. We love answering our fan mail.

~Harbourside Kitchen

Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello everyone,

So a large percentage of the Harbourside Kitchen crew will be moving out of province in the near future, and we'll likely be without a CEO, health inspector and eventually a groundskeeper.

Are you interested in any of the following things?
  • Putting a bunch of ingredients on a table and saying "...It's done!"
  • Taking naps in the afternoon.
  • Storing a propane tank.
  • Taking naps in the afternoon. 
  • Being part of some inside jokes. 
  • Being a super cool punk rocker.
  • Not appearing in photos.
  • Taking naps in the afternoon.
  • Cooking for people and doing it outside.

 If you'd like to quickly move up the ranks in a fast-growing corporation that is concerned with synergy and capitalism or synergies in capitalism, you can go [insert explicative of choice] yourself.

If you're not interested in that sort of thing, then you might want to consider applying for a highly taxing position with Harbourside Kitchen. You can send us an email, leave a comment on this post, or talk to us when we're cooking (next excursion will be Thursday 12:30-3 pm, corner of George and Water) or if you happen to recognize us on the street!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wholesome Tomato Rice Soup

Join the crew for some outdoor cooking and feasting. We love to cook and we hope to encourage other people into recognizing that sharing is a virtue.

Today we're cooking another tomato soup -- but this time without as much spicy heat and with some basmati rice mixed in. The soup will be served with homemade biscuits. Don't forget the cookies for dessert.

Oh, and it's all free. Every last bite. Free water on site as well :)


Harbourside Kitchen

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 17 -- Community cooking...we love free-dom!

Hello to you,

Harbourside Kitchen—as one of our platform promises—cooks once a week (sometimes more!) outdoors and gives the food away...for free no less! And that time is today around 12:30 at the corner of George and Water street (near the statue). Join us and meet up with some pretty nice people. Not gonna lie—we're nice.

I've just been informed that there will be chocolate chip and orange zest cookies on top of the many varieties of cookie that will no doubt grace our table. And also that the third installment of our zine will be available. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 12 -- Spicy Tomato rendez vous downtown


If you love spicy and have a fondness for tomato soup, please join us for some outdoor renegade cooking and socializing. The Harbourside Kitchen crew cooked on the corner of George and Water street (near the statue) from noon to three. Come find us next time 'round and we'll give you free food (including cookies and biscuits!) because we're nice like that.


Harbourside Kitchen

The yummy (and fiery) final product.

Milling about. "Is it free?" Yep!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012 -- Cooking with Cauliflower: Another Harbourside Kitchen Escapade!

Hi everyone!

Hope you've been enjoying the heat and humidity! It's been a glorious few days of mentally asking yourself, "What city am I in?" Hurray.

We will be cooking today around noon, so please join us for some free and delicious vegan Cauliflower and Red Lentil soup.


Harbourside Kitchen


Our menu for the day. All vegan, all free, all the time (once a week).

How much more free could it get?

The delicious soup!
(which we served over a bed of fragrant basmati rice).

Share indeed. Like a bunch of hippies.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 12th vegan cooking escapades!

Hello everyone!

Next pop-up cooking expedition is happening tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th, at the corner of Water and George Street! We'll be serving a vegan cauliflower, potato chive soup around lunchtime (noon....hopefully, if we can get our act together). Chives are care of the Rabbittown Community Garden, where we will be gardening every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the summer. 

But yes, please join us outdoors and spend time with a quirky bunch of hoodlums who love cooking and eating vegan delicacies, and of course sharing them with everyone and anyone!

See you there!

~Harbourside Kitchen

Join us in throwing a gear into the corporate food system.